Our People

Dispel your illusion of a typical Real Estate Agent. With a high level of integrity and care RE/MAX Property Specialists, Northern Beaches, Narrabeen provide professional advice on helping you reach your Real Estate goals.

With over 45 years experience in real estate between the principals, Nicholas Scarf and Jason Martin, the RE/MAX Property Specialists team has an excellent culture, striving to operate under the highest standards, principles and ethics in all its business dealings.

Nicholas Scarf advises, “Our enthusiasm, hard work and commitment to providing the best possible service to our clients has enabled us to become a highly successful and award winning real estate business on the Northern Beaches”.

The office is located at 8 Lagoon Street, Narrabeen which is serviced by a highly experienced and award winning sales and property management team.
RE/MAX Property Specialists have always prided themselves on being at the forefront of office technology and marketing campaigns which continues to set them apart as one of the industry leaders.

Jason Martin says, “We offer a real estate service including sales, auctions, comprehensive property management and project marketing”.
Both Jason and Nicholas have a hands on involvement in RE/MAX Property Specialists at their Narrabeen office whilst enthusiastically overseeing all facets of its operation.

For the most professional advice available, call into RE/MAX Property Specialists located at 8 Lagoon St Narrabeen. Otherwise our contact details are phone 9913 3200 or email specialists@remax.com.au