Evon Lee

Evon Lee

Licensed Real Estate Agent

411 Logan Rd, Stones Corner, QLD, 4120

PH: 0408 622 882

About Me

Evon Lee is a Licensed Real Estate Agent with unfaltering devotion. She brings expertise and genuine passion to her role as a Sales and Buyer’s Agent.

Evon Lee prides herself on establishing honest and thoughtful relationships with her clients throughout the sales process and beyond. She examines each client’s needs and their specific situation to determine the best strategies and process to achieve the best results. This is what defines her as a sales agent and drives her continued success. Evon is passionate about real estate and has continuously enriched her knowledge through acquiring further qualifications. She also has a background in architecture which enables her to provide valuable advice and insight to make your visions come true.

Evon’s business philosophy is simple – “Clients for life through the finest service”.

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