Gee Vas

Gee Vas

Finance Specialist

411 Logan Rd, Stones Corner, QLD, 4120

PH: 0427 221 817

About Me

Gee Vas has had her clients’ financial needs front-of-mind for more than 15 years. She measures success by how much of a positive difference she makes in her clients’ lives, and that success comes readily as she builds and maintains long-term professional relationships with them.

She thrives on delivering solutions that align with her clients’ financial needs and goals. Through her career in financial services, Gee has also developed strong relationships with other financial advisers and lenders, with a solid network based on respect for her experience, knowledge and skills.

Immediately prior to joining Pivotal Financial, Gee was head of sales and recruitment at a financial services licensee where she built professional relationships with key clients and built strategic plans to assist advisers to grow their businesses.

She has integrity and always stays true to her values, which means she is impeccably honest and genuine in everything she does. Gee has injected her own flair in developing deep and meaningful relationships that is metered with integrity, genuine compassion, and commitment to excellence.

Clients find her ethical, honest and sincere approach endearing as she assists them in achieving their financial purpose. She says that when she has the privilege of spending time with someone, she wants to be totally in that moment and engaging with them; and they may even be fortunate enough to hear of Gee’s other passions, including her dog, bushwalking and ‘mastercheffing’!

Gee says, “I’ve always used how much I’m improving people’s lives as my measure of success. I’ve found that the rest takes care of itself.”

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