Paul Smith

Paul Smith

Sales Executive

411 Logan Rd, Stones Corner, QLD, 4120

PH: 0475 554 567

About Me

Paul is best known for being anything but typical. He sets himself the highest expectations when selling your home.

Trust is imperative so he is very diligent in all things with listing and selling. Being a perfectionist, Paul always considers the finest details before going to market. Most importantly, knowing all too well that sellers don’t get a second chance to do it right the first time, every home he sells is fastidiously learned and marketed as if it was his own.

Having SOLD more homes than most agents many say that results speak. However, Paul would firmly prefer to say that leaders progress and that change is constant, so the best Agents Make Moves that Bring Results.

The unmissable character of Paul the people person is kindness and he genuinely cares to help everyone, and his return from years of travel and voluntary based work, his motivation for a positive change in the World we live is infectious.

So if you want honest advice and experienced salesmanship, why not call me to find out why not all Real Estate experts are the same.

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